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19 April 2007 @ 07:09 pm
Fic: Where The Sun Shines Fair (Battlestar Galactica)  
Pairing: Racetrack/Seelix
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Lay Down Your Burdens, pt 2
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine.
Summary: “It’s the moor,” Racetrack murmurs. “It makes people do wild things.”

-  -  -

“Get it loaded,” urges Racetrack. “C’mon.”


Seelix releases a sigh of irritation, motions for the workers to finish loading the Raptor.


 She doesn’t understand why Racetrack is in such a godsdamned rush – they’re almost an hour ahead of schedule, it’s not like the Galactica will be waiting impatiently for these supplies from the surface. Honestly, Seelix is tired of these officers and their hurry-up-rush attitude – they’re here, they have a planet. The Cylons aren’t coming. It’s time to slow down and relax for a while, give people some time to heal.


“Specialist!” calls Racetrack. “Hurry it up.”


Seelix, with one of the workers, slides the last box into place, and hops inside the Raptor. “What’s the big rush?” Seelix grumbles.


Racetrack glances back at her, the door to the outside starting to close. Racetrack looks almost surprised, Seelix notes, a little bewildered, like she expected Seelix to understand.


“Ah,” she says. “Do you mind if we make a stopover, before we go up?”


Seelix frowns. Racetrack, asking her? Racetrak is an officer, she could easily make it an order.


“Don’t worry,” adds Racetrack, flashing a grin, “I won’t get us lost.”


The grin twists something in Seelix’s middle, and Seelix shrugs. “I guess,” she says. “Go ahead.”


The smile in response is much more genuine, reaching all the way to Racetrack’s eyes. Seelix can’t help but smile in return, even though Racetrack has already turned away, her hands on the controls, the Raptor easing off the ground. They don’t head for the sky, like Seelix expects; instead, they head away from the cloud formations in the…east?...and towards the open, rolling hills to the other side of the settlement.


Racetrack doesn’t say a word, but Seelix can see her in profile. Her eyes, alight, just at the sight of the dark earth, the scattered plant life.


The Raptor, sure enough, sets down on top of one of the hills. Racetrack darts past Seelix and out of the ship, dropping to the ground.


Seelix follows more slowly, and she watches Racetrack close her eyes, inhale, and spread her arms, like she’s taking the whole landscape in, fitting it someplace inside her. Her hair flicks in the wind, and Seelix finds herself rooted to the spot, unwilling to move, unwilling to look away.


A slight noise drifts to her ears – Racetrack is humming, low enough that Seelix can’t pick out the tune, but it sounds almost hauntingly familiar.


“What are you humming?” Seelix asks, and she regrets it, because somehow she’s shattered something, some kind of reverent silence that she hadn’t even realized existed.


“Something my father used to sing,” says Racetrack, soft. “About the moors and the hills in the region of Caprica where we used to live.” Her eyes open, she turns back to Seelix. “A strange place,” she continues, almost mournfully. “It was wild, but it was beautiful, all the same.” Racetrack ducks her head, and she looks back out, at the twisting green-brown fading into the horizon. “This place looks just like it.” It’s almost a whisper, Seelix has to strain to hear it.


Seelix steps up behind Racetrack; suddenly, it feels like Racetrack isn’t the brash pilot she seems, but that she’s fragile, and empty, and if the breeze blew too hard it would knock her away.


“You found this place,” says Seelix. “You found New Caprica. Right?”


Racetrack nods, not tearing her eyes away from the landscape in front of her.


“You know, I never really made that connection before,” Seelix tells her.


Racetrack shrugs, a slight frown gracing her features. “I didn’t exactly do it on purpose.” She turns around to Seelix. “But it turned out okay—” and she stops, because she and Seelix are very close, all of the sudden.


Seelix doesn’t hesitate; she thinks if maybe she puts it off too long her chance will be lost, so she kisses Racetrack, feels Racetrack rock a little away from her, in surprise, then push back, kiss back.


Seelix slips her hands to Racetrack’s waist, coiled muscle underneath the folds of the flight suit. Racetrack is slim, and a little smaller than Seelix, and she’s just hopelessly attractive, her head tilted up a little – and Seelix dips her tongue between Racetrack’s lips, a tiny bit, and she feels Racetrack cave completely, move in flush against Seelix’s body.


Racetrack turns a little away from the kiss, inhales in the hollow of Seelix’s throat. “Seelix,” she breathes, “what are we doing?”


“We’re celebrating,” says Seelix, firmly, pulling Racetrack back so she can see the pilot’s eyes. “It’s a whole new world out there.”


Racetrack’s hand slides up Seelix’s side; she can’t stop looking, stop touching, and it makes Seelix’s skin tingle, it makes her feel sexy. Wanted.


“Rank issues aside,” says Racetrack, “the human race kinda needs repopulating. We can’t—”


“Hey,” Seelix cuts her off, “I’m not asking you to marry me.” She touches a strand of Racetrack’s hair, loose from her ponytail.


Racetrack leans into the touch, and her mouth tightens. “There’s been a holocaust,” she forces out, her voice tight and clenched. “So many people are dead, we can’t even realize, we can’t – everyone I ever knew.” Racetrack breathes, inhales, exhales. “Maybe it’s time we let it go.”


The clouds drift overhead; the land stretches, solid, calm, below their feet.


“And what better way.” Seelix brushes their lips together, then again.


“It’s the moor,” Racetrack murmurs. “It makes people do wild things.”


Seelix half-smiles. “I can live with that.”


She pulls Racetrack close.


When they take off, Seelix can almost pick out a tune, hummed so quietly against the buzz of the engines of the Raptor. The ship breaks atmosphere, drifting towards the fleet. Seelix reaches for Racetrack’s hand, gloved though it is, and the fingers curve around her own.


The light of the system’s star shines into the cockpit, almost painfully bright, but all Seelix can think about is the empty, calm feel of an endless plain, cradling her in dark grey-green-brown.

Ariestess: roslin secret - from _sparkle_meariestess on April 20th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
Oh that was fascinating! I liked the use of both characters in this one, especially the fragility you put into Racetrack. Very nice!

I would love to link to a copy of this on the BSG page over at Frisked & Conquered. Would that be a possibility?
eradicating evil was always on my to-do list: racetrackcerebel on April 20th, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And sure, you can go right ahead.
(Anonymous) on April 20th, 2007 07:44 am (UTC)
nice too bad only PG . will there be more .
eradicating evil was always on my to-do list: racetrack 2cerebel on April 20th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
Re: more
Thanks :) And, I'm not sure...there might.
(Deleted comment)
eradicating evil was always on my to-do list: racetrack 2cerebel on April 20th, 2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked :)
sheepfairy: bsg - the old man is tiredsheepfairy on May 6th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
Nice! I like that recognition about the fact that she was the one to find the planet, and also that increased awareness of sex as a biological imperative.
eradicating evil was always on my to-do list: racetrackcerebel on May 6th, 2007 08:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Yeah, Racetrack, never seems to get recognized for that. I always wonder if she feels guilty, or never thinks about it, or thinks about it all the time.

And yep, cause there WOULD be increased awareness :P
Arkady: stayarkady_ on January 17th, 2008 11:02 pm (UTC)

I see you don't like Seelix, do you? xD Do you believe I hadn't thought of her in this way? I like it! I love it! And more than anything the end with that "but all Seelix can think about is the empty, calm feel of an endless plain".
eradicating evil was always on my to-do list: racetrackcerebel on January 18th, 2008 05:03 am (UTC)
I hadn't thought of her this way either, until one of my friends started loudly proclaiming Seelix's homosexuality XD I'm glad you liked! :)